It was a scant two weeks ago when Google launched Analytics, a service allowing web publishers to track their visitor traffic. Since then the service has received more critical coverage than just about any of Google’s free services (I’m purposely excluding Google Print since it’s not a service but an initiative). Bloggers like Shel Holtz and others took the service to task for slow performance and eventually you could no longer sign up for it. I was lucky enough to get in while it was running pretty well and sign up for my personal blog. For me the service has been alright – a little slow but it’s not my primary source of visitor information.

The reason I bring this up is that over the weekend I got an email from Google regarding Analytics. It basically explained that yes, they were aware of the service being slow and that the speed was caused by an unexpected and overwhelming response. They simply didn’t have the capacity to cover the demand. This is the first such email I’ve gotten from Google despite being a user of at least four of their online services (Gmail, Analytics, Talk and Reader).  As TypePad recently learned, the best public relations move is to be open and honest with users.  For a normally closed-mouth company like Google this had to be painful but it’s a great way to maintain loyal users by just sending a simple email with a heads-up message.  Good on them for biting the bullet and hitting “Send”.