First off, let me just say that I am very much looking forward to Rent in a few weeks. I saw the play when it was first here in Chicago and loved it. I listen to the soundtrack every now and again and I’ll definitely be there when the movie opens.

Anyway, every once in a while when I start ranting about the lack of adoption by movie studios of blogs, RSS and such someone will leave a comment about the Rent Movie Blog. I’ve been reluctant to mention it and certainly do not think it is exemplary of blog adoption. First, it has no RSS feeds. Secondly, the “posts” are by the characters from the movie, a tactic which I’ve discussed before. Lastly, all the “posts” are in the form of video clips from the movie. The actors (or a marketing person posing as the characters) couldn’t even be bothered to create original content for the so-called blog.

Putting up a micro-site and stocking it with video content does not make it a blog. It makes it an extension of the “Videos” section of the standard website. Let’s not have set a precedent here where any website with the word “blog” tacked on to the end all of a sudden fulfills the obligation – yes, an obligation – by the movie studios to change their “push” thinking into “pull” thinking and embrace new media technologies in a meaningful way.