Trailer Round-Up 10/8/05

I took some time the other night and caught up on some of the trailers I had been meaning to watch but had never gotten around to. So, for your reading pleasure, here are my thoughts:

  • Cheaper By The Dozen 2 – OK, so this one has Eugene Levy in it. That in and of itself may raise the comedic value of this sequel to some degree, especially with the frosted hair. Unfortunately most of us realize that both he and star Steve Martin are capable of much better material than this. The trailer shows that this installment falls back on one of the laziest tricks in entertainment: moving locations. Instead of in their home in the suburbs the family at the center of the story is at a house on a lake enjoying a vacation when hilarity allegadly ensues. Not interested.
  • Casanova – Not bad but the trailer makes it seem like too much 21st century sensability has been written into the past. Everyone is acting like their characters would if they were living in 2005, not their actual time period. Looks vaguely interesting if for no other reason than Jeremy Irons plays an Inquisitor. Unfortunatly Mel Brooks does not.
  • Nanny McPhee – Emma Thompson plays Mary Poppins by way of Lemony Snicket. That’s about all I have to say about that. Oh, except for the fact that Trailer Voiceover Guy is really annoying in this one. Now that’s all I have to say.
  • The Ice Harvest – I’m hoping my gut is right about this one and that John Cusack starts to get his fastball back with this picture. In it he plays an attorney for the mob who makes off with a large sum of their money. Unfortunatly (for both him and the plot) it doesn’t seem that his plan involves running more than a couple blocks away from where he stole it. Let’s just hope this is better than Cusack’s last teamup with Billy Bob Thornton. Randy Quaid looks like he’s joining William Shatner in the Strained Shirt Collar Club but also looks pretty funny as the mob boss who’s after Cusack.