I got the idea to put together a bunch of questions relating to the movie marketing experience recently. Here they are. You can leave your responses in the Comments or feel free to post them to your own site if you have one. If you do so, if you would just be good enough to link back here it would be greatly appreciated. Have fun!


Short-Term Memory

What was the last movie you saw in the theater?

How many screens are in that theater?

What trailers do you remember were before that movie?

What posters were scattered throughout the lobby?

Were there standees (cardboard cutouts)? What movies were they for?

Do you read the “Movie Facts” pamphlets before the movie starts?

Do you actually play the trivia games most theaters now put up on the screen before the movie starts? How do you do?

Are you disappointed if you miss the trailers when you go see a movie?

What was the last movie you saw a commercial for on TV?

Which do you tend to like more: Teaser or theatrical trailers?

Do you frequent trailer sites like Yahoo! or Apple? Have you found a movie you might have otherwise missed by visiting these sites?

What was the last website for a movie you visited? What prompted you to do so?

Have you ever downloaded wallpaper, a screensaver or other media from a movies’ website? If so, what was it and from what movie?

Long-Term Memory

What movie really disappointed you after the trailer looked excellent?

What’s the best trailer you can remember?

What’s the best poster you can remember?

What was the first movie website you visited?

What was the first soundtrack you bought just because you liked the movie so much?

Demographic Information


Sex (Just “male” or “female” answers please)

City, State

Marital Status (serious dating counts)

Number of Children

Employment (full/part/student)

How many theaters are within a 30-minute drive of your home?