[Note: While updating my resume recent I decided to have a little bit of fun and try something. You can see the results below.]

With so many talented individuals to choose from, it’s become clear Chris Thilk is the best choice you can make when looking for freelance or contract writing and content management services. The conclusion was reached after reviewing his 20 years of experience, in which time he was involved in projects of all kinds across a number of industries.

What the evidence says: Time and time again, Thilk has been sought out as a writer able to turn around material in any form and on any subject in a short period of time. He has a track record of delivering projects on schedule and on budget.

  • That includes the years he spent at public relations agencies MWW Group and Voce Communications, where he managed content marketing programs for Nikon, DC Entertainment and other major brands.

Freelance excellence: Since 2016, Thilk has been a full-time freelancer, with clients like MotionPoint, TradeGecko and others enlisting his services to write social media copy, whitepapers, blogs posts, sales emails and bylined articles.

  • Blogging is where Thilk got his start, both on his own and for corporate blogs for Bacon’s Information (now Cision), MWW and others. He was also a regular contributor to marketing industry news sites like AdJab (part of the Weblogs Inc network) and MarketingVox.

Bylined opinions: Movie marketing has been a particular interest for him. In 2004 he began writing a weekly Movie Marketing Madness column for FilmThreat.com. He currently contributes marketing recap columns to The Hollywood Reporter and writes op-eds on the topic for Adweek.com.

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