In my latest Adfreak post I take a look at three possible reasons Blade Runner 2049 has failed to spark at the box-office.

While it was the top movie in its opening frame of Oct. 6-8, it took in only about $33 million, well under the $40-50 million that had been forecast. This weekend, it slipped to the No. 2 slot, dropping by over half to bring in just over $15 million, and coming in behind Happy Death Day, a horror movie about a college girl who dies and comes back to the same day repeatedly to try and solve her own murder. True, the Blade Runner sequel has brought in almost $100 million overseas, but it hasn’t been able to capitalize on the strong word of mouth and positive reviews that have earned it an 89 percent “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes and acclaim as a worthy successor to the original.

Source: Blade Runner 2049 Is a Good Movie. Why Wasn’t It a Box Office Hit? – Adweek