My latest post at The Drum looks at how studios are using Giphy as part of their online movie marketing efforts:

As the social web has grown, sites began at first to link to MySpace profiles, with those fading out as Facebook and Twitter emerged and began achieving critical user mass. Then came Instagram profile links and, most recently, prompts to connect with the movie on Snapchat.

One network notably missing from that list of promoted profiles has been Giphy, the platform allowing people to upload and share GIFs. That omission occurred to me when I saw a Tweet from the official account for The Little Hours, an upcoming comedy about a group of very ill-behaving nuns starring Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie and Kate Mucucci, with a link to a Giphy account full of GIFs from the film.

Curious about what else I might be missing, I did some digging on Giphy to see what other movies might be lurking there. What I found was surprising.

Source: How movies are getting Giphy with it | The Drum