Reading blogs is a lot like listening to the radio, I’ve found. If someone doesn’t put their picture on their site I wind up constructing an image of them in my mind. Sometimes that winds up being close and sometimes not.

That’s why it’s interesting what Joe Thornley has been doing on ProPR. At a series of meetups he’s been taking pictures of people holding up their name so that we can, quite literally, put a face with a name. And each picture is a link back to that person’s blog. He’s also posting all those pics to his Flickr account. This is exactly what social media is supposed to be about, the exposure of new voices to an audience and the graphic representation of those voices just makes it all that much better.

One thought on “Get to know your social media types

  1. Thanks for the post Chris. I only wish that I would have done this when I was at the dinner you organized the night before the Ragan conference.

    Bryan Person has also begun to upload and tag photos of bloggers and podcasters in the Boston area. It would be great if you could do this too (I’m sure your photos will be better than mine!) Flickr tag: socialmediator.

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