Two teaser materials have popped up from Sony for this Nicole Kidman/Will Ferrell remake: A website and poster, both utilizing the same image.

Fantastic Four
SuperHeroHype has gotten a copy of the first picture of Dr. Doom in armor. This looks every bit as corny as I expect superhero movies to be and, so, I love it.

JoBlo posts a copy of the teaser poster from Terry Gilliam’s upcoming flick. Don’t hold your breath waiting for this one to actually appear in U.S. promotional material.

Meet the Fockers
The theatrical poster has appeared. I agree with the writer, Mike Sampson – This one pales in comparison to the teaser.

King Kong
Could this be our first look at Peter Jackson’s incarnation of Kong? Something tells me know, that this is fan art, but we’ll see.

Despite the website still listing April, 2004 as the release time reports come from Joss Whedon himself that the movie will be pushed back to September 2004.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Nov. 29 will see the release of the trailer for the extended DVD edition.

There’s a new official one-sheet for this James Brooks effort. The big question in my mind? Which Adam Sandler will show up?