Daredevil: SE
MPAA: PG-13 (action & violence and some sexual material)
Budget: $75M
Gross: $102.5M
DVD Formats: Widescreen
Market: This director’s cut is sure to appeal to the segment of the audience who were, let’s just say, under whelmed by the big-screen adaptation of ol’ hornhead. This one features 30 additional minutes of movie which reportedly reinserts Coolio’s cameo as a defendant of Matt Murdoch (Ben Affleck) and more character building moments. The same folks who soiled themselves at the Hellboy: Director’s Cut will snap this one up.

Spider-Man 2
Budget: $200M
Gross: $373.4M
DVD Formats: Full screen, widescreen, Superbit and Gift Set with extras
Market: The entire world! Hahahahahahahahah… Sorry. Seriously, though, this one is going to be marketed to everyone. That’s why the commercials for the DVD release so heavily emphasize the action when everyone who saw the movie and liked it praised the character development and plotting. They are trying to get those last two dozen people who are looking for a mindless action flick to rent it or blind-buy the disc.

MPAA: PG-13 (stylized violence)
Budget: $30M
Gross: $53.4M
DVD Formats: Widescreen
Market: Click on the title’s link for my take on the movie. The DVD is being marketed the same way.

Off the Beaten Path
MPAA: PG-13 (disturbing violence)
Budget: N/A
Gross: $5.8M
DVD Formats: Widescreen
Market: This one isn’t as high profile or as controversial as Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ but the market is fairly similar. Granted, the audience may be somewhat narrower as Gibson’s film was relevant to all Christianity whereas this deals with one aspect (the founder of the Lutheran church) specifically. It’s doubtful this one will be argued over or shown by churches still not on board the Reformation.

Television and Box Sets
Northern Exposure – The Complete Second Season
Market: Fans of quality TV will jump at this offering. This is from the good years, before they tried to keep the show alive after Rob Morrow pulled a David Caruso and left for that fat movie cash.

Lost in Space: Season 2 V.2
Market: Remember the awful Matt LeBlanc headlined movie? Neither do I. Go get this instead for space travel that’s as campy as it comes.

Ray Harryhausen 5pk Giftset
Market: Fans of and students of the history of special effects will hold this one near and dear. Note how the stop-motion animation still looks more realistic than anything in The Day After Tomorrow.

Tru Calling – The Complete First Season
Market: Sorry, the only thing that’s coming to mind is some sort of divine union between those seeking a Luke Perry fix and everyone who missed Eliza Dushku after she left Buffy.