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What Got Your Audience Hooked?

I’m sure everyone read last week’s story – it was everywhere, on entertainment, tech and general news sites – about the study from Netflix where they said they know which episode of a show it is that gets people hooked. Different shows obviously have different pivotal episodes that proved to be the key for people … Continue reading

Twitter May Get Bonus-Sized

My latest on Voce Nation: The entire Twitter ecosystem is built for short updates. Longer posts would break how Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and other apps look. The workaround here would be a “Read more” link to expand a longer post but Twitter is mostly about scrolling through and seeing quick updates. And everything Twitter has done … Continue reading

Young People Really Kind of Hate Ads, So Turn to Content Marketing and PR

Millennials aren’t huge fans of advertising – particularly what for them is irrelevant advertising – and The New York Times is on it. The changing media habits of those under 30 are causing all sorts of agita for advertisers and marketers who want to reach that group and so are figuring out how to do … Continue reading

Studios Abandon Owned Sites In Favor of Tumblr

In content marketing circles there is a concept known as “hub and spoke” that I happen to be a big adherent of . The idea is that content originates on the “hub,” which is usually an on-domain website or corporate blog and then radiates out to the spokes, which are the managed networks like Facebook, … Continue reading

Size Isn’t As Important as Relevance

Today’s post on Voce Nation: Focusing on overall user numbers doesn’t tell the whole story. What’s more important is finding whether or not the right audience is on these networks. Instagram has 400m users, but if the right 250,000 who are going to reliably engage with and get something out of your posts isn’t, then … Continue reading

Falling social engagement means reevaluating success

New from me on Voce Nation: That means that, assuming you already aren’t, the metrics you’re tracking need to evolve. “Engagement” may have been good three years or so ago, but considering social networks are becoming overloaded and engagement is falling, there needs to be a better way to track program success. Ideally that means … Continue reading

Creating Social Taxonomies

New from me on PNConnect. This is part of the most recent PNConnect Digital Essentials monthly report. One downside of publishing on social networks is that they offer no native taxonomy or categorization. Blogs allow you to categorize and tag posts for the benefit of both users and publishers; social networks lack any comparable organization … Continue reading

So many GIFs…

My latest, from yesterday, on Voce Nation… We don’t need to talk about how popular GIFs are with the general audience. We’ve seen study after study that show Tweets with images get significantly more engagement than those without. Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and others all support GIFs natively. And Facebook is making moves in that direction, … Continue reading

Howl and the Premium User Experience

Even newer from me on Voce Nation: …there are a few things this app gets right and which point to the importance of owning your distribution points. Anyone can go to iTunes and subscribe to any of these podcasts at no charge. And for many that will be fine. But there’s a hardcore group of … Continue reading

The Double Standard for Suspending Social Media Publishing

It’s a given among social media leaders and practitioners that when tragedy strikes we hold on social media publishing. No one wants the brand they manage to be the one selling movies or mac ‘n’ cheese or anything else in the middle of an unfolding incident. So as soon as that CNN alert hit our … Continue reading

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