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GIFs as Political Commentary, Movie Marketing Tool and Easier Than Ever to Create

Yes, as Mathew Ingram points out, GIFs have replaced much of what used to pass for political discourse. You can learn everything you need to know about the Republican debates by seeing a GIF-based recap as you can from the spin doctors making the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows. They are to the … Continue reading

New UMass Corporate Social Media Usage Stats

New from me on PNConnect: The University of Massachusetts’ Center for Marketing Research is out with its annual look at social media usage among Fortune 500 companies. There are some surprising – and some not-so-surprising – findings in the results.First, corporate blog usage continues to decline. This tactic peaked in 2013 at 34% but has … Continue reading

The List App Offers Opportunities for Off-Domain Marketing

Have you heard about The List App? It’s a new venture from actor/writer/producer B.J. Novak that is pretty basic in its premise: It’s an app for lists. Some publications have already jumped on board and you can read about those examples here. I can’t help but think of this in the same way I’m thinking … Continue reading

Twitter’s New Brand Hub

New from me on VoceNation: But it seems to me that content marketers – even if there is no paid component – have even more to gain from these numbers. Share of voice and such are going to be of interest to advertisers, sure, but for those engaging in the daily content grind that’s going … Continue reading

Root Content Feeds Fruit Content

In my backyard we have a few tomato plants. Every week I go out there, usually before I cut the grass and do other yard work, and collect the couple dozen new tomatoes that have ripened since the last time I did so. The roots remain the same but every week there is new…wait for … Continue reading

A Dead Social Media Account is a Sad Thing

Luke Winkie at Daily Dot has a post up about just how sad the abandoned Twitter accounts for movies that flopped at the box-office are. I completely agree, and it’s a problem that’s not just confined to those movies that performed well below hopes and expectations. It happens to almost all movies. Content marketing – … Continue reading

Instagram’s Boomerang

Another post from me on Voce Nation: It should be obvious, but this is going to be most easily-adopted by individual creators and brands who have already been diving into short-form video creation. One second isn’t a heckuva long time, of course, but look how brands like Home Depot and others as well as individuals … Continue reading

Goals and Content Marketing Programs

New from me on VoceNation: One of the most frequent topics of the presentations at Spredfast Summit 2015 was that social programs of any size and shape need to be tied to business goals. Social programs can’t – and shouldn’t – live in a bubble and be judged independently of other marketing efforts. If straight … Continue reading

First Core Content, then Campaign Moments

One of the big themes many of the speakers and presenters at the Spredfast Summit 2015 brought up and talked about was “campaigns” and how they can be planned, executed and tracked. Everyone was talking about putting together campaign reports, bringing user-generated video and other media into campaigns, using data to plan campaigns and so … Continue reading

Tools Just One Factor in Content Tactics

New on Voce Nation: I’ve spent the last three days in Austin at the Spredfast Summit 2015. There was plenty of great food eaten, lots of good drink consumed and inspiring conversation engaged in as I met and mingled with both people who I haven’t seen in a long time or was meeting for the … Continue reading

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