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Big Game Content Marketing Follow-Up

  My latest on Voce Nation is a follow-up to last week’s column: Last week I took a look at how three companies – Heinz, Squarespace and 20th Century Fox – were preparing for their “Big Game” spots. In some cases there was a lot of teasing going on while in others there was almost … Continue reading

Brands and Recommendation Journalism

I wrote a couple days about recommendation journalism, the kind of story that ties a recent event or some other current milestone into an action you should take right now. In case you’re still familiar with this kind of article some recent examples I’ve seen include stories like 17 Oscar-Nominated Movies You Can Stream Right … Continue reading

Priming The Pump for Big Game Ads

My latest on Voce Nation: Are you ready for this Sunday’s Big Game? Have you bought that new flat-screen TV, planned what kind of pizza and sides to order and what kind of guacamole to have for your guests? Are you ready with conversations-starters to fill in the time between commercial breaks? Yes, as we’ve … Continue reading

Facebook’s Only Getting Bigger

New from me on Voce Nation: It’s hard, at this point. to see where the ceiling is for Facebook. It’s becoming so big at this point only the government would be able to shut it down (you have to wonder how close we are to an anti-trust case). With usage patterns increasingly turning toward mobile-first … Continue reading

Vine Defines Itself and Its Future

Everyone’s been talking today about Vine’s third birthday. The app put out a countdown of the top 10 Vines of the last year and shared some impressive numbers. What caught my eye most, though, was the wording on the new “Trends on Vine” page it launched. There it referred to itself as an “entertainment network.” … Continue reading

PNConnect Digital Essentials in 2015

Over the course of the past year I had the chance to get more involved in PNConnect Digital Essentials, a monthly report the PNConnect team puts together covering both important news from the past month along with deeper dives into some of the bigger issues and trends that are impacting the social media and content … Continue reading

More Platforms Shut Down, Showing Need to Not Rely on Platforms

Dropbox announced a couple days ago it would be shutting down their popular Mailbox app. And Facebook announced it was closing apps like Rooms, Slingshot and more. It’s another reminder that the platforms we count on for content marketing are transient at best. While I didn’t do so, nor did anyone I work with, I’m … Continue reading

Style Guides Are Great, Right Up Until They Get In The Way

The Associated Press and other news organizations are updating their style guides to allow for more gender-neutral options since that’s the reality of where we are in late 2015. These updates are essential since the last thing the news should do is offend the subjects of its reporting. It brings to mind though the…complicated… relationship … Continue reading

Twitter Removing Share Counts Leads to Less Sharing

New from me on VoceNation: A tempest broke out a week or so ago when it was discovered that Twitter “Share” buttons – those little things that appear below a headline or elsewhere on a blog post or article – were no longer displaying the number of people who had actually shared this. That was … Continue reading

GIFs as Political Commentary, Movie Marketing Tool and Easier Than Ever to Create

Yes, as Mathew Ingram points out, GIFs have replaced much of what used to pass for political discourse. You can learn everything you need to know about the Republican debates by seeing a GIF-based recap as you can from the spin doctors making the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows. They are to the … Continue reading

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