Is The Future In-Office, Remote or Both?

Where people work will influence what jobs are available. Back in March, the assumption seemed to be that most white collar workers being sent home because of the coronavirus outbreak would be able to return later in the year. Many made statements about September or maybe December at the latest being feasible for offices to…… Continue reading Is The Future In-Office, Remote or Both?

Rethinking Office Perks

People’s needs and expectations are – and are going to be – very different. You’d be hard-pressed to offer a single, cohesive and comprehensive definition of “office perks.” In practice that term can be used to describe anything from free coffee to ping-pong tables in the break room to artisan baguettes served in the commissary.…… Continue reading Rethinking Office Perks

When “Stay At Home” Orders Don’t Change Much

For a lot of people, the last two months have been a big change. Not being able to go out whenever you want, not being able to buy whatever was needed or wanted, not having the usual cacophony of activities that keep everyone bustling and hustling. All of that was, understandably, a series of major…… Continue reading When “Stay At Home” Orders Don’t Change Much