The Egg on North Face

North Face is not, by any means, the first company to try and alter their own Wikipedia entry for marketing-related purposes. They might, though, be the first to so publicly tout doing so and have their success presented as a successful effort to overcome the “obstacle” presented by the site’s own dictum that such efforts … Continue reading The Egg on North Face

Truth As Someone Else’s Problem

Over the last few weeks YouTube has become the new favorite target of media and technology industry commentators and watchdogs due to its tendency to prioritize conspiracy videos in its recommendations. More broadly, because YouTube, like other social networks, is geared around reinforcing known behaviors, one action down this path is likely to result in … Continue reading Truth As Someone Else’s Problem

Covering Breaking News on Wikipedia

Brian Keegan looks at how breaking news is covered on Wikipedia as a large number of people try to create a real-time record of what's happening followed by a core group of editors who clean things up and add additional details: Wikipedia articles certainly do not break the news of the events themselves, but the … Continue reading Covering Breaking News on Wikipedia