How and When Your Content Marketing Is Delivered Impacts How It’s Receieved

How content marketing is received depends greatly on factors outside of the control of the marketers.

Facebook’s New Guidelines Offer No Help For Publishers

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach. The one that worries whether what you’re about to post will work on Facebook and achieve some level of decent organic reach. Worse, maybe you’ve overlooked something and this is the one that will have your page flagged for inappropriate content. Facebook hasn’t made this…… Continue reading Facebook’s New Guidelines Offer No Help For Publishers

The future of RSS feeds

WARNING: There’s going to be an extraordinary amount of hubris in this post. You’ve been warned. I think Steve Rubel is wrong in his prediction regarding RSS feeds. Rubel thinks publishers should hide full-text RSS feeds behind a registration wall for paying subscribers and make partial-text feeds freely available. But I have to ask what…… Continue reading The future of RSS feeds