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Picking Up the Spare: Keeping Up With the Joneses, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars 3, The Big Sick

Keeping Up With the Joneses I usually don’t cover developments after the movie is on home video, but you have to stand up and applaud 20th Century Fox for jumping on the Gal Gadot bandwagon by releasing a clip from last year’s under-performing comedy starring the now-hot actress. The Big Sick Director Michael Showalter wasn’t a […]

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MMM Recap: Rough Night, Cars 3, The Book of Henry

Rough Night Which leaves us with the movie itself. It looks funny enough, though I question why it’s necessary to go so hard in the “drug-fueled” paint with a concept like this. The trailers, in particular, sell a movie that’s one-half “hilarious girl’s night out” and one-half “let’s dispose of the dead guy.” That can […]

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Movie Marketing Madness: Cars 3

When we meet back up with Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) in Cars 3, he’s at a crossroads, so to speak, in his career as a racer. A new generation of cars has come up while he’s been on the circuit that is faster, sleeker and surer of their abilities. Just as he and […]