A brief list of opportunities to challenge the societal status quo.

Let’s rethink how we fund public education, decoupling it from something as discriminatory and subject to crashes in the broader economy as property taxes.

Let’s rethink healthcare – not just insurance – and decouple it from employment since those who are out of work can’t afford the care they need.

Let’s rethink housing, putting safeguards in place to protect people from losing the roof over their head at the same time they’ve lost their income.

Let’s rethink food security, agreeing that access to basic nutrition is a responsibility we owe each other and a fundamental right supported by the government.

Let’s rethink what bailouts should look like, shifting the focus from giving massive amounts to companies to putting people to work on public projects when the private sector abandons them.

Let’s rethink public transportation, devoting more resources to effectively serve low-income populations and doing so in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Let’s rethink the public/private sector divides, realizing that “benefits” like paid sick leave are essential to all workers and should be guaranteed at the national level.

Let’s rethink what essential services really are, ensuring things like mail delivery remain uninterrupted and categorizing internet access under this umbrella as it impacts work connectivity and productivity as well as access to education when schools are closed.

Let’s rethink what financial responsibility means, putting “stop buying lattes” aside and requiring companies to have more than three days of cash on hand.

Let’s rethink workplace expectations, understanding being present in an office does not equate with hard at work and that people aren’t stealing from the company by taking a personal phone call or responding to a text from their kids.

Let’s rethink urban design in a manner that makes cars a secondary consideration and pedestrians and bike riders the priority.

What am I missing?