At the end of last year I got the following notification from Pocket saying I was one of the service’s power users:

pocket 2019.png

That’s obviously a lot of reading.

Pocket has been an important part of my online reading productivity for quite a while. While reading RSS items in Feedly or simply finding interesting stories on the web I save them to Pocket and then using them in some manner.

Sometimes that’s just reading the stories. Sometimes I share them in one way or another. Sometimes they become part of a Marketing Recap column. Sometimes they’re used as the starting or supporting point in another blog post.

Whatever the case, Pocket is a great resource. While I no longer use it for recommendations, it’s still a great resource to have to search through later on when I’m looking for an article but don’t remember what exactly it was.

It’s likely the one and only time I’ll be in the 1%, so I’m going to savor it.

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