The 5 Best Times to Write: This assumes two things: 1) That you ever have time to write, which isn’t really true and 2) That the “good time to write” matches with the “are in any position to stop what you’re doing and actually,” which also isn’t anywhere near reality. The best time to write is when you can write.

I Published Content 5 Days Per Week For 1 Month. Here’s What I Learned: Cool story, bro, let me know what insights you have when you do hit the “I published content multiple times each day, five days a week, for 10 years” mark.

How to Get Back Into Writing After a Long Break: You start writing again. I’m not sure it’s any more complicated or complex than that.

Why You Should Publish Everything You Produce: Because you’re a glutton for punishment? Good lord, don’t put everything you write out there. That sounds awful. Can you imagine the garba…wait, is that the world we’re actually living in? I publish a lot and it’s not nearly everything I produce. Experience will eventually tell you this is a bad idea, both from a production and editorial point of view. Editors are great at for telling you something needs to be better. And I have a hard enough time looking back at the old stuff I *did* think was good enough to publish and can’t imagine being forced to endure the rest that has rightfully been deleted or is still sitting somewhere far from public view.

Riding the Writing Wave: [insert Point Break gif here]

Will ‘Retro’ Typing Bring Back ‘Retro’ Writing?: Probably not. “Retro” typing will instead be used as a nifty add on for texting or as an affectation by those who consider themselves the literally descendant of William Faulkner and has nothing to do with returning to rigorous editorial standards that impose gatekeepers between writers and the means of publishing.

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist who lives in the Chicago suburbs.