Celebrate Department Store Day With These Five Shopping-Heavy Movies: To celebrate National Department Store Day, let’s look at the trailers for five movies that are set in department stores or, in a few cases, the shopping malls traditionally anchored by those larger stores.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer – Marketing Recap: Anyone who wasn’t already a fan of Lanthimos’ previous work, including those who first discovered him through 2015’s The Lobster, isn’t going to find a lot to latch onto with this campaign.

Representation and Distribution are Two Halves of the Same Issue: Innovations in distribution are not only creating the technological future but they have the potential to create a social future as well, with bigger audiences exposed to stories involving and made people who look and think like them.

Wonderstruck – Marketing Recap: The campaign works hard to create and maintain that sense of childhood wonder we feel when we’re exploring and on our own.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie (After the Campaign Review): The LEGO Ninjago Movie isn’t bad. It’s well made and relatively entertaining. But if you haven’t already seen it, go in with low expectations.

Only the Brave – Marketing Recap: It remains to be seen if there’s any sort of appetite to go see a story that appears all too close to what’s seen in the news. That could be a big factor in determining the movie’s box-office success.

War Machine (After the Campaign Review): The movie may have been hampered simply by trying to set itself in the real world, where it had to adhere to certain rules. Move it to a fictional country and there would have been more freedom to cut loose a bit, hitting the same notes more clearly and telling a clearer and comically tragic story.

War Machine (2017)
Brad Pitt