So here’s something interesting I noticed recently: I’m far more likely to Retweet someone when I’m using TweetDeck in my desktop browser than I am when using the mobile Twitter app.

When I realized I was doing that I began wondering why. It comes down to one clear difference between the two experiences: On TweetDeck I can’t see how many Retweets, comments or Likes that Tweet has already received, at least not within the main column-based experience. Those numbers are clear on the mobile app, though.

When I see a Tweet that I’d love to Retweet or reply to, I stop myself when I notice on the mobile app that it already has 10,437 RTs or 37 replies or whatever else. I start to think my reply won’t be noticed or that my Retweet will just add to the noise, sharing something most of my network has already seen. There’s no value add there.

Does that happen to anyone else? I’m curious to know if you engage less if you see a lot of people have already weighed in or if that’s just me.

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist who lives in the Chicago suburbs.