Quick Takes: Content Marketing and Media News for 9/8/17

  • An eMarketer study shows over one-third of teens, especially girls, don’t think they could go even one day without their mobile devices.
  • Publishers have a lot of problems to deal with if they want to increase video load times, but little incentive to do so because it’s all those ads that are causing them.
  • Older audiences are more open to the brand advertising that’s becoming a big part of the Snapchat experience than younger audiences.
  • The size of Facebook’s code on the average website is enough of an issue, but what it does and how many other similarly-huge chunks of code are also present create some issues.
  • YouTube has introduced new live-streaming functionality that’s specifically designed to accommodate e-sports broadcasts.
  • LinkedIn has launched its own Audience Network to extend the reach of ads to other sites.
  • Musical.ly seems to be having issues cashing in on its success, particularly among teen girls, due in large part to the lack of a dedicated sales team and sky-high ad rates that turn buyers off.
  • YouTube is both the social platform teens use most often according a Forrester study and the one they feel is too overloaded with ads.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is planning on spending up to $1 billion on the production of original video content next year.
  • The FTC has settled with a couple of high-profile video game influencers over failure to disclose they owned a company it turns out they owned.