We’re About to See Lots of Authors on Screen

My latest post on Adweek is about this year’s hottest movie trend: The stories of authors as they create their most famous works:

If there’s an overwhelming trend in media today, it’s the “pivot to video.” Publishers left and right are letting go of writers and reorienting their workflows and platforms to incorporate more and more video. That’s partly in response to audience behavior both on mobile and desktop and partly a desire to grab some of the still-substantial budgets allocated for TV advertising. So it’s a bit surprising that Hollywood’s hot fall trend this year is not just a focus on writers but on old-school writers who plied their trade using paper and either pen or typewriter. No fewer than four movies are hitting theaters, albeit likely in limited release, in the last few months of the year that tell the story of authors who created some of the most enduring works of literature in history.

Source: Famous Authors and Their Stories Are Hollywood’s Hot Fall Trend – Adweek