theSkimm, a popular email newsletter that offers recaps of important news people should know, is launching a brand extension in the form of an iPhone app that adds important dates to people’s mobile calendars. So it’s a way to keep up to date on when political events, TV premieres and other things you need to know about are happening, something that’s important for people who are on-the-go but want to remain informed on the world around them.


This is, in essence, premium content for theSkimm. It’s a natural extension of their existing brand in that instead of offering recaps of things that have happened it’s now letting people plan to keep themselves informed by knowing when events are happening. What’s interesting is that instead of simply looking at different forms of content it could produce the company zagged and got into providing a service to the audience. It should prompt everyone who’s currently simply focusing on content to see what other hooks they get into people’s lives, offering help in areas they may need it and where that brand is uniquely positioned to do so.