One of the things we’ve been working on here at Spout for a while now is a partnership with SnagFilms. If you’re not familiar with SnagFillms, they’re a site/service that allows you to watch select documentaries online and for free. Advertising is embedded in the films, with the revenue split between the filmmaker and SnagFilms.

The idea behind the partnership is that when people are researching a movie then, when it’s available, they should be able to watch it at that moment when their interest is the highest.

You can view all the movies available right now on this list page. Clicking through to the Movie Detail page will show you the SnagFilms widget, which then takes you to their site. Eventually the films will be embedded right there on the page, available for viewing immediately.

We’re thrilled to be working with SnagFilms to help these movies find an audience and look forward to making even more movies available in the future.