We’re thrilled here at Spout that news, reviews, interviews and everything else from SpoutBlog is now being shared through the Internet Movie Database. Excerpts from SpoutBlog are now available on the IMDb Newsdesk, with links back to the original posts. Those excerpts will also appear on each movie’s “News” page, allowing people who are researching a particular movie to take Spout’s opinion into consideration. So Karina’s critical look at Che’s failures as a biopic will be accessible immediately to those looking to see what critics think of the film.

What excites us the most is that this partnership with the IMDb, which has a great reputation as a source of movie information, is that it brings Spout’s editorial content to a broader audience. The SpoutBlog team is the public face of Spout’s goal to help people find movies worth watching. We hope the readers that come to read our stuff through IMDb will find movies that might not be getting big ad campaigns but which are quality films deserving of finding an audience. Anything that furthers that ideal makes us, quite frankly, tingly.

SpoutBlog’s posts join articles and posts from a number of other movie/celebrity/entertainment publications and we’re thrilled to be in such great company.