OK this one is going out to all the studios and marketing agencies that read MMM. I know you’re out there, so don’t try to hide.

You might have noticed the lack of full Movie Marketing Madness columns the last couple of weeks. The last one I put up was on The Darjeeling Limited and that was on September 29th. Why is that? Because nothing on the release schedule has really gotten me excited. I keep looking at IMDb and Yahoo Movies, trying to find a movie that I feel like devoting the time to writing a full column about. But so far nothing has really hooked my attention.

So it’s time for you to engage in some truly spectacular blogger outreach. Drop me an email about why I should write a column reviewing the marketing campaign for your movie – or movies. If you’ve been doing something really interesting or created some marketing material that has YOU excited then contact me and share that enthusiasm. If you’re genuinely excited that will come through.

My email addy is chris-dot-thilk-at-gmail-dot-com. I’ll look forward to hearing from anyone who feels so moved.