Instead of putting these into a Quick Takes post but there are a few things I’ve read that are such great reads I really need to highlight them a bit more here.

Peter Chattaway: Fox Walden – Is it ready to take on Disney?

Peter looks at Fox Walden, the producing studio behind Chronicles of Narnia and the upcoming The Seeker, and wonders whether or not its actually capable of achieving its stated goal of taking on Disney for the family film market. Walden seems to specialize in fantastic, borderline sci-fi epics that owe more to Lord of the Rings in substance if not in execution, which I think limits their audience automatically. But Peter’s post really looks at whether Fox Walden has the muscle to play in the big leagues.

Vic Holtreman: Why do studios let great movies die?

This is a great read by Vic, even if it is the written-word equivalent of hitting his head against a brick wall. The basic premise he starts off with and elaborates on is that there are so many good movies that studios let die on the vine because they can’t put together a decent marketing campaign for them. On the other hand are crap movies that are incredibly formulaic but which are easily marketable, marketing that often overcomes incredibly negative word-of-mouth.

Joe Leydon: The art of movie posters

Joe doesn’t expand much on the story he’s linking to, about the impact of poster art and how it’s become a sort of modern art format, but that story is absolutely worth reading because of the insights contained therein.

Go over to these sites, read their stuff, and put them on your daily reading list.