Okay, so I’ve got a stack of fantastic stuff that I’d been sitting on and hadn’t included in previous LOTDs or published anywhere, and I wanted to make a point of sharing, so here goes:

  • Chris rightfully pointed out that the massive amount of Facebook applications created in recent months is staggering, but did anyone catch this monster number that Read/WriteWeb’s Richard McManus pointed out in late August, about how 1,000,000 flash widgets – per day – were being added to Slide‘s network every day? (TB)
  • While it’s not owned by Google (yet) and it’s not the only video player on the market, did we notice that French video site Dailymotion had snagged $34 million in funding? (TB)
  • Muhammed Saleem posted this gem at the end of August detailing how to write a social media news release, in case that was your thing. (TB)
  • Paul Stamatiou informed us that Mac FTP client Transmit was working with Amazon’s S3 service. (TB)
  • Hey PR people – if you haven’t also started keeping an eye on sites like Wikileaks when keeping an eye on your brand, your executives, and your products, you’re missing something. Just a thought. (TB)
  • Did you notice the introduction of sellout.woot, woot.com’s deal with Yahoo! Shopping? More here. (TB)
  • I haven’t been using their services very much of late, but did you notice that Real had dropped Gracenote’s CD data services? (TB)
  • OMG advertisers are targeting MySpace users by mining their content and serving up contextually relevant ads? Shocker! (TB)
  • A huge bit of useful software for Windows folk, LH’s Adam Pash points out the Document Hyperlink Checker which can be added on to your MS Word. Nice. (TB)
  • Like all good amusement, this one was found on MeFi. Enjoy your time(suck) with the Political Stock Exchange, brought to you by the National Journal
  • A whopping 10% of employees surveyed by Marlin Co. said that their company had gone the electronic route to cut down staff, according to the Associated Press. Ohhhhkay. (TB)

That felt good. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.