search-engine-optimization.jpgSo this is my latest idea for MMM that, once again, proves I think way too much about the topic of movie marketing, especially from a new media perspective. What I’m going to try and do is take a handful of each week’s new releases and analyze how they’re doing in terms of search engine marketing. That includes search-engine-optimization, paid search, sponsored links and such like that. Basically, if you typed the name of the movie into Google what results would you get and what does that mean from a search marketing execution stance?

Yes I realize this may actually provide definitive proof I’m insane.

But it seems like a cool idea for a regular feature. SEM is truly important for all brands since, as I and countless others have pointed out time and again, brand interaction by consumers increasingly starts with online search. People are researching products online for purchase either online or in physical retail locations. So how a movie – or any other brand – does in getting its marketing message to appear high in search results is something that needs to be factored in to how a campaign is run overall. A good number of people, after all, don’t go beyond page three of a batch of search results. And a fair amount don’t even go past the first page.

This goes back to the point I’ve raised previously where I ask how much of a movie’s online identity is a studio, either tacitly or actively, turning over to either unofficial information sites or consumer-generated content.

Anyway, next week will likely see the debut of “The Week in Movie Search” as a (hopefully) regular column. As with everything else I’ve tried there will likely be a discernible execution/learning curve on this as I find a good groove for writing it. Bear with me through the first few as I find my way and I hope this winds up being a decent read for all of you.