Quick Takes 8/3/07

  • filmstrip2.jpgAlex has a round-up of just about all the posters that debuted at Comic-Con.
  • The Cycle says that Wednesday was the day the Kwik-E-Mart facades and decorations are coming down from 7-Elevens. In-store products will continue to be offered as long as they last.
  • James has an online ad for Rocket Science.
  • Universal will be auctioning off the Delorean that’s been used in the soon-to-be-shut-down Back to the Future ride at their theme park in Florida.
  • The is it/is it not animated version of Beowulf that’s being released will also be getting a mobile game.
  • The kinds of properties being promoted at Comic-Con have changed, branching out from sci-fi/fantasy/comics to just anything that might appeal to the geek crowd.
  • Mattel has seen the writing on the wall and it points to box-office success via translating toy properties into feature films.
  • Universal Studios has tapped MINICK to develop mobile-friendly portal sites for its movies. This gives Universal a turnkey solution for their mobile site needs.