Yesterday the family and I – including my brother-in-law – participated in the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois’ Gift of Life Walk down on the Chicago lakefront. As I’ve mentioned before my youngest son Evan was born with kidney problems that necessitated a kidney transplant almost two years ago when he was just one-and-a-half. The NKFI is what I’ve been raising money for over on the side there. Through this and other efforts we raised a grand total of almost $1,000, an amazing total. I can’t thank all of you who chipped in what you could enough and I appreciate just as much the well-wishes and prayers from the rest of you all.

You can view a half-dozen photos we took while there over on Flickr. It was a great day – about 80 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze off the lake. Not only was the walk a great event but then we had a blast walking over to the Taste of Chicago for some pizza, corn and other treats.