We have a bad habit in our house of moving stuff to the basement when we can’t quite figure out what to do with it, when the boys don’t play with something anymore or when we replace something but think that it might serve some purpose in the future. This then leads to 1) A full basement of stuff that we never or very infrequently use or even think of and 2) An eventual trip by me to Goodwill.

Right now my online identity is feeling very much to me like a cluttered basement full of stuff I never use and rarely even think about. I’ve got all these social networks that I belong to that I haven’t quite figured out what to do with, personalized radio channels that I don’t listen to and a host of other unused logins. But the latest, shiniest thing is always tempting me via TechCrunch or some other site, beckoning me to sign up and play with it.

So I’m embarking on a project I’m calling Me 2.0 this week. I’m going to try and review all the sites I’ve created profiles on and figure out what is actually of use or interest to me. “What does this add to my online activity and how am I going to utilize it?” will be the question that gets asked over and over again as I review my wants and needs and figure out the tools that satisfy both. That includes a serious pruning of my RSS feeds and other information inputs. I need to get over feeling simultaneously overwhelmed by the information I’m taking in and underwhelmed by tools I’m using.

I’ll post updates as Me 2.0 progresses.