LOTD: 2/20/07

  • It’s great that more marketers are trying to get what the hip kids are talking about and doing but things like this “Trend School” seem to have the same problems as other focus groups, in that they’re snapshots and not evolving pictures. (CT)
  • Am I the only one who sees the XM/Sirius merger as going nowhere once federal regulators realize that approving it would create a monopoly on satellite radio service? (CT)
  • A startup firm wants to make parking spots something you can find and even reserve ahead of time from your mobile phone. (CT)
  • Blogging do’s and dont’s get spelled out, something it’s good to read and be reminded of every now and again. (CT)
  • Apparently you can’t trust everything you see on the internet, which is something I did not know. (CT)
  • Eric Tatro links to a couple new blogs that are worth reading and subscribing to as I have. (CT)
  • WOO HOO – Chicago is finally getting its own blogging conference this March! Go check out David Armano’s write-up for more information on SOBcon 07. (CT)