Just too much stuff for one link round-up.

  • Mike at HackingNetflix has some updates on how the DVD rental kiosk business is faring.
  • BoingBoing links to the poster for a Tony Curtis/Jerry Lewis movie called Boeing Boeing.
  • iMedia’s Creative Showcase panel reviews the YouTube contest created for The Number 23.
  • Sony is going to begin selling TV shows and movies as downloads through the PlayStation3.
  • One of the bloggers at The Hive says there was a Windows Vista commercial in front of Ghost Rider and it occurs to me that the big screen is exactly where we should be viewing the Vista OS, not on a computer screen. That doesn’t lend itself to the glory that is Vista.
  • The Reeler points out something I’d been meaning to research: That so many of the famous quotes used in this year’s Oscar campaign aren’t from movies that won Oscars.
  • BusinessWeek wonders whether the indie film industry can serve as a guide for the business model of a video game company.
  • Kirk Skodis wants to make sure all you creative types out there have gotten in your Key Art Awards submissions.