iMediaConnection – Movie Marketing and Website Goals

Since I spend nearly my entire day online, either reading, working or just watching a guy dive through a urinal trough at a ballpark, websites interest me. Some are good, some are bad, some are just boring. But it seems like a lot of site creators aren’t asking themselves a couple of simple but very…… Continue reading iMediaConnection – Movie Marketing and Website Goals


Sitting in O’Hare International Airport on my way out to San Francisco for Bloggercon. Should be fun. More posting coming soon.

Key Art Award winners

Read the Hollywood Reporter’s full story on the winners of the Key Art Awards. Congrats to all the winners. Technorati tags: movie marketing

Congress wants to dictate religion to military personnel

That’s the only explanation for this move by the body to require military chaplains invoke the name of Jesus Christ during public prayer. Look, not everyone believes in Christ. I wish it were otherwise but that’s not the case. Requiring an arm of the government to use his name during prayers is a move toward…… Continue reading Congress wants to dictate religion to military personnel

Today’s Free Advice

(An occasional series of really basic things that studios can do to better their community accessability.) Get everyone in your office on LinkedIn. It’s free for a basic account and its networking abilities are huge. You can connect with past and present co-workers, people you know online, other professionals you’ve met along your career path…… Continue reading Today’s Free Advice

Contact request

I’m trying to write a long piece on movie marketing efforts that have utilzed MySpace. If your studio has done so drop me a line at I’m really interested in getting as many stories as possible for this, as well as just hearing from some of y’all that I see visiting M3 all the…… Continue reading Contact request

I’m back

Many thanks to Tom “Two Screens” Biro for keeping the lights on while I was taking some time to recharge the old batteries and write some longer stuff for later. If you’re not already doing so, you can read Tom on a more regular basis at AdJab, The Media Drop or Open the Dialogue. I’ve…… Continue reading I’m back