Jay Rosen’s Citizen Journalism session – intro here. Doc Searls’ notes here

[ed: Just like an educator, Jay’s on-screen notes ask, as the session begins, for people to move up to the front of the room]

[10:53] Doc’s notes are going to be invaluable here. Marc Glaser made some fantastic comments about how he does his job on a regular basis, and is sourcing things.

[10:58] Doc Searls: “Open your archives” to newspapers.

[11:10] The “citizen journalism”-ness of this discussion seems to be going in and out quite a bit, IMHO.

[11:27] Jeremy Pepper discussing how Wal-mart and much of the right “gets” it with regard to working with bloggers, while some on the left are more about control. I’d have to agree with a lot of that.

[11:43] Buzz makes a fantastic comment about the “real-time” issue that goes on with contribution and the value of what is contributed. People want to see the completed work asap.