[9:05] Phillip Torrone is talking about using various tools that can be used online to do different things, and he points out that Flickr is, unfortunately, one of the best tools online to show a how-to. He talks about how he used it to show us a few pictures from some how-tos from back-in-the-day.

[9:10] Chris Pirillo discussing how he has made a screencast, Torrone called it “complainware” based on that usage. Lots of discussion about screencasting software, including one package for $300. Interesting to hear a groan about that cost.

[9:20] Some comments about how devices and tools aren’t created with the option for teaching people how to use them, they’re just to bring people in and get them interested, and then wanting to buy the next product.

[9:28] Great comments about how people who aren’t really technical people use the Web, not necessarily through the way those of us in the room use them, but they’re all over many of the tools we use, too.

[9:33] Buzz Bruggeman making some great comments about speaking with 800 lawyers (someone said “Sorry!”) about using wikis, and that they were saying they didn’t use them, as many were scared of losing the information that they held in their heads if they permanently wrote it down and shared it.

[9:38] PT commenting on how especially when podcasts started, it was like AM radio.

[9:42] Chris Pirillo: “wikis are just unusable”

[9:52] Rex Hammock makes us all aware that Doc Searls‘ notes on the sessions are available here – this one’s specifically for the Tools session.

[10:05] Jay Rosen wants an “automatic link embedding device,” a comment system that he can do more “movement” within.