the-edukators-posterThree friends, two guys and a girl, run rampant through Germany terrorizing (in a playful, anarchistic type of way) the rich and society.

The Poster

Pretty cool. Yeah, it’s just the three leads, including Daniel Bruhl from Goodbye, Lenin, but it works. Kind of reminds me of an album cover more than a movie poster. There’s not much plot setup but that’s alright by me in this case.

The Trailer

It’s pretty short – only about 1: 45 or so – but does a nice job of laying out the plot and the relationships. We get they gist of what these characters are up to with their reign of merry mischief that goes off-track when they wind up kidnapping a businessman. We also are shown the love triangle that will no doubt play a key role in how these people get themselves into and out of various jams.

The Website

This is very much an interactive website and I mean that in terms different than what mainstream studios mean. They think interactivity means playing a game or entering an email address in order to get to exclusive content. IFCFilms’ site for The Edukators, though, really seems to want to get viewers involved.

“Become an Edukator” gives people the opportunity to write to IFC to see how they can help promote the movie, an intriguing move toward creating a grassroots marketing network. “Read our Press” is just what it sounds like, containing qulurbs from a few reviews of the movie.

Director Hans Weitgartner provides some real-life context for the movie and explains his reasons for making it in the “Get Edukated” section. It’s pretty extensive background from the director and seems to show an understanding that giving people fodder for discussion is directly proportional to how much they want to discuss it. “Meet the Edukators” contains bios on the three lead actors.

Finally, “About the Film” is a brief synopsis and “Tickets and Showtimes” is a quick guide to where around the country the movie is playing. Hint: Mainly at art houses in big cities.


Pretty good effort on the part of IFC to create a solid campaign. The trailer is strong and the website is robust with plenty of opportunities for people to dig into the movie a bit. I like this one.