While on a flight across Antartica, a young man, played by Kieran O’Brien, thinks back on a relationship consisiting of primarily sex and music with a girl played by Margo Stilley.

The Poster

In the foreground of the first poster we see the underwear-clad rear end of a woman standing to left, from our point of view, of a young man who looks like he’s lighting a cigarette. That’s only the top third or so of the poster. The rest is devoted to the names of the bands appearing in the movie. The two concepts are setup that the movie is very much about sex and rock and roll. Nothing wrong with either of those two either on their own much less together.

The second poster has Stilley lying on a bed and seeming to be in the middle of pulling her shirt back on, which is exactly what she shouldn’t be doing. Again, the names of the bands are given prominent placement. I prefer the first one but this one is cool, too.

The Trailer

Sex. Music. Sex. Music. Repeat. Intersperse with occasional scenes of loving banter between the two leads. It’s a very cool trailer and it gives the impression that 80% of this movie will consist of sex and music. While watching it I finally remembered what movie this seemed to remind me of: Better Than Sex. Not exactly comparable plots but having the same sort of focus on physical intimacy between two people that leads to greater emotions.

The Website

Unfortunately this is a real waste. There’s almost no movie content here, just videos for the bands in the movie and an almost non-existent photo gallery. No trailer, no synopsis, no nothing. Is the point of this movie to tell a story or just to act as a marketing vehicle for the bands? Considering you have to go through three “are you over 18?” and “warning-this site contains adult content” points there’s nothing particularly shocking about the site.


Cool, hip trailer and posters but it falls apart on the internet. Too bad.

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