Hello all you peeps in the “heezie”

I realize that is so 2004 but short of sticking in Fedrick Pollawatsky’s AKA Ogre from REVENGE OF THE NERDS’ picture in here it’s all I can do to just say hello to you all.

I have to say the accommodations are not too shabby and coming from a site where I have to say that I work for a web address with the word poop in it is a breath of fresh air.

Chris 2.0? I like that, though. A nice nod to one of the best shows ever on Fox that’s about to get fired. I won’t bore you with my (EXPLICATIVE) thoughts on the subject but after they cancelled the Ben Stiller Show, still very relevant today, I am just beside myself trying to think of what monkey from the Brookfield Zoo is running their television department.

So, what’s happening in movie trailers this week? Damned if I know, I only write a column dedicated to the whole scene…

No, really, the trailer makers are in full swing this Spring as they get more of their Summer previews out for everyone to judge. So far, Howl’s Moving Castle has me by the short and curlies but this one, right here, for HIGH TENSION really gets me worked up not only because it’s French, which just puts me on edge by default, but because it looks wickedly scary.

In other news it was reported that MINDHUNTERS was finally going to make it to see the light of day. I really only bring this up because, as a reviewer of trailers, I have been doing this gig now for well over a year, watching about 8 trailers a week, and this film was one of the FIRST that I reviewed over a year ago. This does not bode well for any film.

Oh, two things before I let you minions off to surf for TOTALLY FREE iPODS!, which only my brother and 2 year old daughter believe exist, kind of like the Easter Bunny, I have to thank the heavens that Chris liked SAINT RALPH. It’s a sweet trailer in the sense that it’s lovely to watch and is really effective in putting across some heart. I do a full review in two days at MoviePoopShoot.com and explain myself further. But, suffice to say, I am a big Campbell Scott fan. Huge.

Two, this blog was updated while listening to Kings of convenience. I love these guys and I can’t imagine why their music hasn’t yet been used in a trailer. Sometimes a band is really good at evoking small bits and flashes of emotion and, when you’re talking trailers, this is the kind of stuff you need.

I’ll be back manana for some more hyperlink fun!