on sweet tooth

“Sweet Tooth” an adaptation of the Vertigo series from writer/artist Jeff Lemire, debuted on Netflix earlier this month and has been accumulating positive reviews and word of mouth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zG9RuJb3QU The series’ debut caused me to realize it was almost exactly a year ago I first encountered the comics it’s based on. In summer 2011, Voce … Continue reading on sweet tooth

Vertigo, MAD and the Power of Weird Brands

There needs to be a place for material outside the mainstream. [Note: I wrote the below back in August but obviously never published it. In the wake of the news that Dan DiDio has seemingly been pushed out of DC Comics and that DC Collectibles is reclaiming the DC Direct name it was founded under … Continue reading Vertigo, MAD and the Power of Weird Brands