Flashback MMM: Waiting For Guffman

This past Wednesday, Chicago’s Music Box Theater hosted a special event with writer/director/actor Christopher Guest where he talked about not only his own movies but also those that influenced him. That provided enough reason for me (I don’t need much of one) to revisit the marketing of Guest’s 1997 classic comedy Waiting for Guffman, which … Continue reading Flashback MMM: Waiting For Guffman

Movie Marketing Madness: Mascots

Writer/director Christopher Guest is back with his latest comedic fictional documentary (I’m no longer using *that* word), Mascots. Like some of his previous movies, this one dives into a very specific if largely fictionalized niche community to profile the people who feel passionate about a particular interest. In this case, it’s the world of competitive … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Mascots