My latest post on Adweek takes a look at the 2017 film campaigns I felt were most innovative, interesting or reflective of what’s happening in the larger culture. These may not be the “best” or the most successful at turning out audiences, but they were the ones I thought did something different or noteworthy.

2017 was a rough year for Hollywood at the box office. Based on actual tickets sold, it was the worst theatrical summer since 1992 and the worst overall year since 1995.


The weak box office comes, though, in a year that had some of the most interesting and unique movie marketing in recent memory. These campaigns may not have always led to massive success, but many were innovative and inclusive in making a pitch to an audience of moviegoers that’s increasingly female and non-white. They sold mysteries to be unlocked and discovered, or simply promised a good time at the theater.

So, presented in no particular order, here are some of 2017’s most memorable movie marketing campaigns.

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