Novitiate – Marketing Recap: I like a lot of things about the campaign. This could easily have been sold as a youngs-vs-olds story, but that’s thankfully not the angle taken.

Suburbicon – Marketing Recap: There’s a comic touch to some of the material on display but it’s all tinged with a cynical perspective that may turn off some audiences. What’s being sold here looks rough and not exactly uplifting.

Don’t Think Twice (After the Campaign Movie Review): For me the story itself, which sees the slow disintegration of the group as opportunities are seized and passed on in one form or another by all the characters, was less interesting than these more philosophical, historical elements.

The Square – Marketing Recap: The entire campaign has been designed to reinforce that conversation and keep the focus on the provocative nature of the story. The lack of easy jumping on point is a feature, not a bug.

Drinking Buddies – Flashback Marketing: All that’s pretty accurate to the movie being sold. If anything, Wilde’s significant comedic sensibilities are underplayed in the campaign. Johnson and Kendrick are more of the focus since they were probably the hottest names at the moment.