As you hopefully know, you can already subscribe to an email version of Movie Marketing Madness (powered by TinyLetter) that will bring all the new columns straight to your inbox. I’ve been doing that for several months now and have seen slow but steady uptick in readership and engagement.

Well now I’m trying something new with a MailChimp-powered weekly newsletter called (tentatively) The Weekly Thilk. No, it’s not the best title in the world and will likely change, but it’s what I’m starting out with. The email, which I’m planning to send Fridays at 2 PM Central, will not only round up my own stuff – MMM, freelance posts etc – but also curated news from the worlds of content marketing and movie marketing. I’ve been trying to figure out something to do along these lines and have flirted with an email newsletter in the past, finally deciding to pull the trigger.

You can view the first edition that went out earlier today here and subscribe here if you’re interested. To be sure, this is going to evolve over time as I figure out what is and isn’t working both for me and whoever subscribes. But I’m hoping it will fill a niche need that some people may be experiencing.

Feedback is welcome, of course. Looking forward to people checking this out and hopefully finding some value in it.