(NOTE: I consider myself a good writer, but good only gets better by practice. So I’ve signed up for the WordPress Everyday Inspiration schedule to prompt me to write something different every day. This is the result of a recent nudge.)

If we were having coffee right now I’d tell you I was sorry. I was sorry for not calling sooner, for not being the one to make a move and right the ship that was our friendship. I’d tell you about how my wife and kids were doing and we’d make a joke about how old we are. We’d slip into 35 year old jokes that have been told countless times and we’d probably quote Real Genius or Hunt For Red October. I’d hear about what you were doing and we’d talk about the freedom you have without a family. We’d talk about our parents and how everyone is doing. We’d shoot the shit for a while and then agree we needed to go get a drink, because it was that time. But we would still be friends, even after all that time, because we both wanted to.