• A TV spot for the movie was reportedly rejected by ABC, who objected to shots of the two leads naked in bed together. It doesn’t seem as though anything was shown, but the implication was just too much. My guess is that TWC kind of new this going in and was looking for the headlines to prop up the movie’s box-office. It’s also a bit rich that the same network that airs “Scandal” and other shows decided this is where the line was. You can watch the spot and judge for yourself at EW.

Kung Fu Panda 3

  • You can watch the Wix spot that’s running during this weekend’s Super Bowl here. And there’s another one here.

Hail Caesar

  • I totally whiffed on mentioning how much the movie advertised on Twitter – promoted posts were running there continuously since the first trailer debuted – and within podcasts, particularly those from NPR. The former speaks to the desire to reach a broad audience while the latter acknowledges those interested in the movie are going to have more esoteric, narrow interests.
  • My decision to publish on Wednesday seems to have meant I missed a big Variety cover story with the Coen Bros where they talked about not only this movie but their career in general as well as an interview with Clooney about his frequent collaborations with the pair.