• StumbleUpon is launching a new “social search” function that builds on its recommendation engine that seeks to add the human factor to the more sterile search world. (CT)
  • Sioux Gateway Airport has stopped tilting at windmills and accepted the fact that it SUX. The airport is using the airport’s acronym as part of a new tongue-in-cheek campaign. Nice to see people growing comfortable with their lot in life. (CT)
  • People are beginning to speculate MySpace co-founder – and everyone’s first friend when they sign up – Tom Anderson is older than he and his profile says he is. I think we just need to be happy that a story involving lying about your age on MySpace doesn’t end in “…and that’s when the police became involved.” (CT)
  • WSJ powerhouse Walt Mossberg has written a the mobile industry equivalent of declaration of war
    against the absolutely insane way mobile carriers are able to artificially manipulate the market. A few more solidly laid out arguments like this and some real change could be affected. (CT)
  • Online advertising, this New York Times story points out, is being stifled by the fact that hinders continue to be mistaken for elbows when it comes to visitor measurement. (CT)
  • In the print world, publishers are looking to technology like RFID to get a better count of readership, as well as get a clearer picture of how those readers are interacting with the magazine. (CT)