• I was about to write something tremendously intelligent and insightful about the schmuck who thought that wearing a “lifecasting” camera in a movie theater wouldn’t be a problem (cause the theater industry hasn’t gone on the record about cameras AT FREAKIN’ ALL) but then I found Neville Hobson had pretty much beaten me to it. (CT)
  • Other things Phil Gomes can’t be bothered to do: Get off the couch to change the channel, read the instructions on microwave popcorn or walk the dog. (CT)
  • Jaffe stops teasing us and announces the new name of his podcast: Jaffe Juice. He totally ripped that off from…oh…right…nevermind. (CT)
  • Why is everyone talking about leopards? There are a couple at Brookfield Zoo, so it’s not like they’re rare. Don’t understand why everyone is writing about…oh. (CT)
  • I asked Tom if we could turn Open the Dialogue into just a series of pictures that I write on using Microsoft Paint but he said no. What a buzz kill. (CT)

[ed: It should be noted that for some reason, this post ended up being sanctioned by me. Go figure. TB]