• The Daily Reel rightly praises a number of Fox Atomic efforts for seamlessly meshing traditional and “viral” marketing efforts for its youth-targeted flicks like Touristas and others.
  • Evan Almighty will get a little bit of additional promotional support from Universal as the studio releases a 2-disc DVD of The 40-Year Old Virgin, also starring Steve Carell.
  • Peter at SlashFilm found the director of The Lookout and lets him vent on what he feels was a poor marketing campaign from the studio producing the flick.
  • Peter also speculates Miramax’s decision to push The Nanny Diaries back to Fall 2007 is driven by the thought the movie might be an awards contender.
  • Jeffrey Wells is bemoaning the fact that so much of what passes for popular culture is driven by a desire to appeal to people too young to drive.
  • Distributor Image Entertainment is being acquired by an investment group that already owns ThinkFILM and others.
  • Let’s be careful about how much smoke we blow up the skirt of 3D cinema. The few titles that have gotten released as such are spread out all over, making them valuable commodities. That might change if 3D films are everywhere.
  • Trailer voice-over staple Don LaFontaine is finally getting some public recognition after appearing in a Geico commercial.
  • JK has a post about what 300 means in terms of R-rated films making a comeback as legitimate forms of entertainment.

One thought on “Quick Takes: 4/2/07

  1. Oh, no! I wrote about Don LaFontaine a while back because I stumbled across his Web site where he would *read* the names of the navigation links when you rolled over them (HOME! BIO! ASK DON! etc).

    But wouldn’t you know it – he’s updated his site and removed that most awesome capability. Bummer.

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